Marketplace Shop

  • For you to get a place to build on, is only assigned by an admin. You are not allowed to determine it yourself.
  • Minimum requirement to open a shop: offer 5 different Dino types or items.
  • Shop area: 80 foundations 10x wide x7 deep
  • Max structure Limit in the marketplace is (200), including terminals.
  • Max Dinos outside terminals 5
  • The sale of baby dinosaurs is not allowed.
  • First Floor build allowed only.
  • No XXL walls may be used. No walls of 12
  • To build the terminals you must learn the engrams in the marketplace.
  • Terminals are only installed in the marketplace, that means, you can’t travel to other maps if you have any terminals in your inventory.
  • To create contracts you need GloryCoins in your inventory. 1 GC/contract
  • Dinos may only be placed on your own shops.
  • You can determine the minimum price of dinosaurs with the marketplace calculator. This excludes shoulder/light/portable animals such as Achatinas or Dung Beatles. With these you can set the price individually.
  • You have to set Noglin’s minimum prices with the marketplace calculator.
  • All dinos with a stat/value over 80 points. may only be sold neutered. These also cannot be cloned due to the server settings.
  • You can use the marketplace calculator to calculate minimum prices for weapons, armor, saddles and tools.
  • Trading, exchanging or selling Blueprints for anything else is prohibited.
  • It is only allowed to sell on the marketplace via shops.
  • All purchases/sales take place only via terminals.
  • Selling outside of the market as well as below market value will result in fines or reset of glory coins/points.


With this terminal you can sell dinosaurs that are placed outside.

Place a dino nearby, go to the terminal and press „Hold E“ to bring up the radial menu. Then click on “Owner Inventory”.

In the middle you should have the option „CREATE CONTRACT“. If it doesn’t, it’s because you don’t have any glory coins in your inventory or your dino has a saddle on it.

Dinos can only be sold bareback.

Use our „marketplace calculator“ to determine the minimum price and do not go below it.

If you look again at the „Owner Inventory“ after you have created a contract and you do not see any contracts, deactivate the folder view of the owner inventory.


With this terminal you can sell items. Armor, saddles, weapons, tools. Open the „Owner Inventory“ and put in what you want to sell.

When you select your item you have the CREATE CONTRACT option in the middle again. If you don’t see it, it’s probably because you don’t have any Glory Coins in your inventory.

You can also give the same price to multiple items at the same time. But pay attention to the minimum prices.

Use our „marketplace calculator“ to determine the minimum price and do not go below it.

To cancel a contract, select your item with a contract in your „Owner Inventory“ and click on CANCEL CONTRACT in the middle. Dinos can also be sold here in Soultraps.