• **Behavior/Communication**
     Insults, racist remarks, and bullying are not tolerated. Only German and English are allowed throughout the cluster. The admin team expects unconditional obedience to its instructions. In case of disobedience, the team reserves the right to take additional measures. If there are uncertainties, support is needed, or rule violations need to be reported, please use a ticket on our Discord.
  • **Naming**
    Each player is free to choose their own „readable“ nickname. However, the following restrictions apply: Offensive, racist, political, and explicit names, as well as standard names (such as „Mensch“, „Human“ or 123), are not allowed. Calling oneself „Admin“ or „Moderator“ is also prohibited. Use only letters from the normal alphabet, and the name should not contain more than 2 special characters.
  • **Tribes**
    Every player must create a tribe upon entering the cluster. This tribe should be the same on all maps with the same members. Note: If a tribe owner is inactive for more than 1 month while one or more tribe members continue to play, these tribe members have a claim to the tribe. Open a support ticket for this.
  • **Cheating/Hacking/Bugusing**
    Cheating/hacking is strictly forbidden and results in a permanent ban. Bugusing, exploiting game errors that are obviously unintended, is to be avoided. If any bugs are noticed, report them to the administrator immediately! Players who intentionally exploit bugs for their own advantage will be banned from the server immediately.
  • **Advertising and Recruiting**
    Writing or posting about other servers, links, or IPs with the aim of recruiting members or players is generally not welcomed and will result in immediate exclusion.
  • **Discord**
    Joining our Discord server is mandatory. We want to ensure that you have read and accepted the rules. Admins and other community players must be able to mention you if needed. The voice channels are only for our Ark players, so only Ark should be played there.


  • Dinosaurs are not allowed to be thrown into other players‘ bases.
  • It is not permitted to enter bases without prior permission.
  • Tampering with or disturbing boss fights is not allowed. Arrangements are possible.
  • Ninja looting is not allowed.
  • It is prohibited to keep structures for an extended period without active play. Longer absences can be reported in advance via ticket to extend the decay time of the structures (vacation/illness/short-term leave, etc.)
  • Throwing out fertilized eggs is not permitted. (otherwise, no new egg spawn is possible)
  • Please leave oil pumps, gas collectors, and resin collectors unlocked for other players.
  • It is strictly forbidden to release your own dinosaurs outside the base or to just let them stand around.
  • In Asa, it is generally prohibited to trade, sell, exchange, or give away items. This rule aims to provide all players with comparable gaming experiences and not to spoil the fun of the game for anyone. If a player has difficulty obtaining or taming something, it is encouraged to help others instead of giving away directly.
  • Offering your own females for other players to mate is seen as giving away, as only one benefits from it.
  • It is also forbidden to give away items and dinosaurs if you no longer want to play at INFINITI. Merging tribes before quitting is also seen as giving away.
  • Reapers and Rhyniognatha are to be killed or released after taming. Offering other players to be impregnated by the Reaper is prohibited. The same applies to the Rhyniognatha! Offering to fertilize other players‘ dinosaurs is to be refrained from.
  • It is not permitted to unlock structures for other players to use. (Exception are the teleporters, oil pumps, gas collectors, and resin collectors)
    Changing the gender of other players‘ creatures or announcing dinosaur positions in the chat is also not allowed. Violations can lead to sanctions.


  • It is strictly forbidden to build more than one base in Asa. Each player is only allowed to have one base to ensure a fair and balanced gaming experience for all. As an exception, players who only have a land base may build a small base in the water (not on the beach!) with a maximum of 20 x 20 foundations. This is solely for breeding water dinosaurs. Note that a base on the beach is considered both a main and water base.
  • Base Size Guideline:To ensure a balanced gaming experience due to limited map size, we kindly request your attention to the following guidelines for base sizes:Orientation to Oviraptor Range:
    Please adjust your base size according to the range of the Oviraptor.Admin Contact Without Oviraptor:
    If you do not possess an Oviraptor, please contact an admin through a ticket to receive assistance with placement.Collaboration and Consideration:
    Collaborate with fellow players and be considerate in expanding your base to provide space for everyone.Adherence Required:
    We request compliance with these guidelines to ensure a positive gaming experience for the entire community.
    Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!
  • It is not allowed to build bases in the air or floating; all structures must be placed on solid ground or in water.
  • Temporary structures, such as campfires, torches, etc., must be removed after use.
  • Taming traps must be removed after use.
  • It is not permitted to reserve building spots with structures such as foundations, pillars, or teleporters.
  • Resource spots must not be built on.
  • Building in player spawn regions is not allowed, meaning if you spawn for the first time on, for example, Ragnarok, please find another building spot.
  • Loot crates must not be built over.
  • Artifacts must remain accessible. Even if a cave has multiple entrances, you are not allowed to block any entrance.
  • The Arks (Obelisks) should remain free of structures and dinosaurs.
  • It is not permitted to build in the immediate vicinity of another base. Please maintain a minimum distance of 150m from the next player. Also, leave enough space around you so that you can expand your base without problems.
  • Structure spam is generally prohibited, regardless of whether a building spot is being reserved or the spawning of dinosaurs is being prevented.
  • Decay Time: Each player gets 14 days of structure decay time.
  • It is not permitted to only log in to prevent the decay of your own base while being active in another cluster or in another game. While this may be fundamentally acceptable, it is not desired in our community.


  • In this game, it’s not about finding other players to kill the bosses for you and thus unlock the engrams for you.
  • It is forbidden to invite new players who are just new to the cluster to boss fights.
  • No boss fights will be announced in CrossChat or Discord chats.
  • Boss fights may only be conducted with players who are on the same level of game progress or playing level and have already spent a longer time playing together.
  • The crafting of structures/saddles/armor and weapons for other players who do not yet possess the required engrams is prohibited.