• Behavior/Communication
    The following points will not be tolerated: insults, racist remarks, and bullying.
    Only German and English are spoken/written throughout the cluster.
    The admin team expects unconditional obedience to its instructions.
    In case of non-compliance, the team reserves the right to take additional measures.
    If there are any uncertainties, support is needed, or rule violations need to be reported, we kindly ask you to do so via a ticket on our Discord.
  • Naming
    Every player is free to choose their own „readable“ nickname.
    However, we have the following restrictions: Insulting, racist, political, offensive, as well as standard names (such as „Mensch“ or „Human“) are not allowed.
    Naming oneself as „Admin“ or „Moderator“ is also not permitted.
    Only letters from the regular alphabet should be used, and no more than 2 special characters should be included.
  • Tribes
    When entering the cluster, every player is automatically required to create a tribe. This tribe will synchronize automatically with all maps. Please take note of the following:
    -If you join another tribe, the new tribe owner will gain ownership of all your structures across the cluster.
    -When a player joins your tribe, they will gain access to all bases in the cluster.
    -If a tribe owner remains inactive for more than 1 month while one or more tribe members continue playing, those tribe members are entitled to claim the tribe. Please open a support ticket for this purpose.
  • Cheating / Hacking / Bugusing
    Cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. Exploiting game bugs, taking advantage of obvious glitches that are unintended, is also prohibited.
    If any bugs are noticed, they should be reported immediately to the administrator! Players intentionally exploiting bugs for their own advantage will be promptly banned from the server.
  • Advertisment
    Writing or posting about other servers, links, or IPs with the intention of recruiting members or players is not allowed and will result in immediate exclusion.
  • Discord / Support
    Joining our Discord server is mandatory. We want to ensure that you have read and accepted the rules.
    Admins and other members of the community need to be able to mention you if necessary.
    Therefore, it is important for you to use our Link-Ark feature. If an admin cannot reach you through Discord, they may temporarily ban you until you contact us via a support ticket.
    The voice channels are exclusively for our Ark players, and therefore, only Ark gameplay should be conducted there.


  • Dinosaurs are not allowed to be thrown into other players‘ bases.
  • Entering bases without prior permission is not allowed.
  • Taming and/or boss fights must not be disrupted. Negotiations and agreements are possible in this regard.
  • Ninjalooting is not allowed.
  • It is prohibited to maintain structures for an extended period without active play. Longer absences can be reported in advance via a ticket to extend the expiration time of the structures (vacation, illness, rehabilitation, etc.).
  • The removal of fertilized eggs is not allowed. (No new egg spawn would be possible.)
  • Please keep oil pumps, gas collectors, and sap collectors unlocked for other players.
  • Releasing or leaving your own dinosaurs outside the base is strictly prohibited.
  • Giving away dinosaurs to new players is not allowed as it takes away from the gameplay experience. If a player doesn’t know how to tame something or is having difficulty taming, it’s encouraged to help that person instead of giving them a dinosaur as a gift.
  • Offering one’s own female dinosaurs for breeding to other players is considered similar to giving them away, as only one person benefits from it.
  • Similarly, it is prohibited to give away your belongings and dinosaurs if you no longer wish to play on INFINITI. Merging tribes before quitting will be considered equivalent to giving them away as well.
  • Reapers are to be killed or released after taming. Offering other players the opportunity to be impregnated by a Reaper is prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to unlock structures for other players and thus make them usable. (Exceptions are the teleporters, oil pumps, gas collectors and resin collectors).
    Changing the genders of creatures belonging to other players or disclosing dinosaur positions in the chat is also not allowed. Violations can lead to sanctions. Thank you for your understanding.


  • On each map, one main base and one water base are allowed if the main base doesn’t have access to water nearby.
    (Definition of water base: A base constructed exclusively for water creatures, intended to nurture or breed aquatic dinosaurs.)
  • Constructing bases in the air or suspended is not allowed; all structures must be placed on solid ground or in the water.
  • Bases must not be built larger than the render distance (structure limit 8000/map – but a maximum of 4000 structures continuously).
  • No more than 2 Tek Shields are allowed per map. A Tek Shield is intended for protection against wild dinosaurs and not for decoration. If you don’t have any animals outside, such as in spawn huts, you don’t need to set up a shield. The radius of the shield should be adjusted according to the size of the base (i.e., a 4×4 hut should not have a shield set to a radius of 10).
  • Temporary structures such as campfires, torches, etc. must be removed after use.
  • Taming traps are to be removed after use.
  • It is not allowed to reserve building sites with structures such as foundations, pillars, or teleporters.
  • Bases with fewer than 11 structures will automatically decay if the players are offline for a period of 12 hours.
  • Resource spots must not be built upon.
  • Building is not allowed in player spawn regions. If you spawn for the first time on Ragnarok, please find another spot to build. Please refrain from building in spawn regions.
  • Loot crates must not be blocked or obstructed by structures.
  • Artifacts must remain accessible. Even if a cave has multiple entrances, you are not allowed to block any of the entrances.
  • The Ark’s (Obelisks) and mission terminals must remain free from structures and dinosaurs
  • It is not allowed to build in close proximity to another base. Please maintain a minimum distance of 150 meters from the nearest player. Leave enough space around you so that you can expand your base without any issues.
  • Decay Timer: Each player is given a 14-day structure decay timer only after fulfilling three conditions: Discord linking, 180 minutes of playtime, and taming 2 dinosaurs. Players who do not meet these requirements will be automatically wiped after being offline for 3 days. This helps us keep the maps clean and tidy.
  • To prevent players from only coming online to prevent their base from decaying while being active on another cluster or in another game is not desirable in our community. We have specifically set up a save map where players can store their important belongings to experiment elsewhere (PvP or other game modes). This way, the most crucial items such as blueprints and breeding animals are kept secure, allowing players to return later and build a new base without starting from scratch.Since we provide this storage option and offer a seamless re-entry even after months, we will pay closer attention to these „render bases“ in the future and, if necessary, free up the building space for active players on our cluster or relieve our server resources. To secure a spot on our save map, please open a support ticket.


  • On our server, Tek Engrams need to be unlocked through boss battles. In this game, it’s not about finding other players to kill the bosses for you and unlock the Engrams on your behalf.
  • Inviting newly joined players to boss battles is prohibited on the server.
  • Boss battles are not announced in cross-chat or Discord chats.
  • Boss battles can only be undertaken with players who are at the same game progress/game level as you.
  • There are „Open World Bosses,“ also known as „Server Events.“ These bosses do not unlock any engrams, and you are welcome to defeat them together.
  • In Extinction, it is prohibited to approach another player’s boss battle. Please maintain a distance and defeat the Titans alone or with your team. The above rule applies here as well.
  • Genesis 1: It is sufficient for one player to reach the required number of missions to summon the boss. Players who have not reached this number but wish to accompany others to the boss should have completed a minimum number of missions. Minimum requirements for companions:- Gamma: 50 missions
    – Beta: 100 missions
    – Alpha: 150 missions
  • Crafting structures for other players who have not yet unlocked the necessary engrams is prohibited. However, you can engage in trading by selling structures at the marketplace through terminals. The predefined minimum prices must not be undercut.


  • You need to set all teleporters outside your base to „Public“ and give them „meaningful“ names. For example, IceQueen, Metal, Obsidian, Mission Terminal, etc.
  • You can set the teleporters in your bases to „Private,“ but please name them with your clan name. It’s quite confusing for the admins to see all unnamed teleporters in the list if someone needs on-site assistance.
  • Unnamed teleporters are not allowed, whether they are in your base or set to private.
  • Teleporters are not allowed to be placed next to artifacts or loot crates. However, teleporters are permitted near cave entrances if they are appropriately named.
  • Fjordur: Teleporters located in the parallel worlds (Jotunheim, Asgard, or Vanaheim) must not be set to „Public“. These portals serve a specific purpose and should be used for traveling between the worlds.


  • Currency = Glory Coins (GC)
  • How to earn Glorycoins:
    – Playtime
    – Through your shop by selling dinosaurs, armor, or weapons to other players.
    – Open World Bosses (Server Events)
    – Daily and weekly quests
    – By participating in events and being among the winners
    INFINITI ARK SHOP | If you are satisfied with INFINITI and want to support the server, you can purchase points through this shop to cover the hardware costs and monthly expenses.
  • Each tribe is allowed to open their own shop on the marketplace. To apply for a shop, open a ticket on our Discord server.
  • Shop owners must adhere to the marketplace shop rules.
  • Dinosaurs are only allowed to be listed in your own shop on the marketplace.
  • You can determine the minimum price for dinosaurs using the marketplace calculator.
  • All dinosaurs with a stat/value above 80 Pts. can only be sold castrated/sterilized. Due to the server settings, these dinosaurs cannot be cloned.
  • You can calculate the minimum prices for weapons, armor, saddles, and tools using the marketplace calculator..
  • Trading, exchanging, or selling blueprints is prohibited.
  • It is only allowed to sell through the shops on the marketplace.
  • All purchases/sales take place exclusively through the terminals.
  • Selling outside of the marketplace, as well as selling below market value, will be penalized with point deductions or the reset of Glory Coins/Points.
  • The marketplace is a part of this server, and you are not allowed to negatively impact the sale of other players‘ items. Therefore, I kindly request that you refrain from giving away your dinosaurs or anything else to other players.
  • The prices and rules may change without prior notice depending on the economic situation, so please regularly check for any updates or changes.
  • We would like to inform you that items, armor, animals, etc. that are lost due to bugs, crashes, etc. will not be replaced.


Risk when switching servers (maps) in a cluster:

A world save is performed every 30 minutes on all maps. This saves the entire state of the map, including your inventory. When you switch servers, your inventory is not secured until the next save. This means that if, for example, you travel from Ragnarok to Fjordur and Fjordur crashes before the map is saved, your inventory will be lost. Anything you carry with you is not secure for up to 30 minutes! In these cases, regardless of the cause of the server stoppage (such as crashes or power outages), no items will be replaced.

If you do not agree with this, we kindly ask you not to invest real money in our cluster.


– Do not travel with important items if you cannot recreate them with blueprints.

– Obtain armor, weapons, and dinosaurs on the maps where you play the most and travel naked.